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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hi Everyone, I wanted to keep you up to date on our growing family of chickens.

As you may remember, last March John and I decided try our hand at raising chickens and we bought a dozen. They are all grown up now. I had no idea they would be so much fun. We bought 8 Barred Plymouth Rock Hens, 3 Rhode Island Red Hens and a Welsummer.

16 week old Barred Plymouth Rock Hen
same chicken approx 11 months old

 So my young chickens have all grown up and I'm having so much fun with them.  They follow us around the yard. mainly because we always feed them!!!  they see us as the lunch truck and do a flying run over to wherever we are!!!  Hilarious.  It doesn't matter where we go on our 5 acres of land, if the chickens are out of the coop, they will find us and hang around. I love it.

My Welsummer Rooster

As they were growing up we found out that one of the chickens, The Welsummer, was a rooster. Beautiful he was. I originally called her Gertrude but when I found out she was a he I renamed him Graham.  Bummer, I loved that bird, but he had to go.  We gave him to friends of ours who own Golden Gate Nursery in town and they gave him to a farmer . Not sure if he became dinner.  We know we are not mentally ready or prepared for a rooster to fertilize the eggs and give us chicks. We need another coop and an area for the hatchlings and more knowledge.  We have read many books, articles and magazines about raising chickens and decided to try it the easy way for now and not deal with roosters and chicks.  Before Graham left though he was like a randy teenage boy, wanting to "you know what" to all the girls!!! 

a Rhode Island Red Hen

We were going along in life with our 11 chickens when one of our friends asked if we would like to buy her chickens.  We didnt really want anymore as we figured that 11 chickens x250 eggs a year was good enough for us, so we declined her offer.  A week later she called back and asked if we would please take the chickens as she lost 4 of the 9 to a racoon over the weekend.  Oh man, my heart went out to her and we decided to take the chickens. She gave us 4 Barred Plymouth Rock Hens and a Rhode Island Red.  We told her she can come and visit them anytime she wanted too.  Well, we slowly introduced the new 5 chickens to our brood, the new ones are only about 14 weeks old, so the older chickens were not very nice to them.  But they have been with us now for a few months and they have all found their social status.  BUT, guess what... one of the new flock is a damn ROOSTER!!!!  We realized as the new Rhode Island Red starting growing up the SHE is a HE. Now we are back in the same position. He will have to go.  BUT he is so beautiful, its really a shame.  With everything we have going on right now we can't keep him. One day we will keep a rooster.                                                                

our young Rhode Island Red Rooster

Now he is the Randy Teenager trying to mount all the Hens.  BUT again learning as we go, the older Hens will have nothing to do with him. When he does "get" a girl, the older hens run over to him and peck him off her then chase him around the yard. The girls become quite adamant that he stay away from them. They get mad. They even ruffle their feathers and fight back to make him go away. I didnt know they did that.  It is the funniest thing to watch. So pretty soon we will have to get rid of this rooster. It is a shame as he also is a beautfiul bird.

One fact I thought interesting about chickens is that most of the chicken meat you purchase at the grocer stores are roosters. It seems they are only good for one thing.  And seeing as 1 rooster can service 10 hens, I can see why an abundance of roosters go to market!! .
Have a great day:)

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