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Monday, February 11, 2013

New Greeting Cards in my Webstores

I was having so much fun with my husbands birthday card I decided to put it on Etsy and see what happened. Well...I sold 2 of them right away.  I decided to tweak the design for Valentines Day and WOW I sold 4!! in 3 days.  Having fun here.
Happy Valentines Day
Im liking theses card designs. I just designed 2 more and have a whole lot of them to do yet. So stay tuned for the new ones.
Happy Birthday to your Love

You can go to my Etsy Store and purchase these as of 2-12-2013.  These are brand new and are not up for sale until tomorrow.

Stay tuned for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and more.......

gotta keep it fresh!!!!

Have a great day. Hugs  Linda

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