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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm In my Studio!!

Well finally I am in my Studio and it feels GREAT!

I love the fact I have everything around me again.  I was all over the place before, in the living room, the bedroom, the dining room table, the garage. 

               But no more.....

work area

I have already filled the area with my supplies.  Wait til I start painting!!
Sitting Area
I have all of my trinkets and favorites, especially my English pillow, all here making my area comfortable and mine.  I want to thank my Husband for doing the majority of this project for me.  It was hard work and took a long time , but it is done and I love it.

I will now start working on my garden surrounding my studio and finishing touches.



  1. Love the studio. I saw that you put a new roof on. Just curious why you didn't leave the inside ceiling open.. or is there acess to use it for storage?

    1. We added a roof to offset the heat from the existing roof. It is so much cooler in here now:) It also gives me a little attic too.