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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Greeting Card Art- my number one love!

I have wanted to do notecards all my life as a job.  Do you know the saying "Never let go of your Dreams"?  Well, it's true.  I am now creating note cards for a business.  I am loving it!!! This design above is called "5 Chicks on a log" and it is part of my larger series about chickens and the "What the Cluck!!"  series- which includes greeting cards as well as other items.

 I have T-shirts on zazzle with my
"What the Cluck!" designs.  but I digress.....
When I was younger, just first married, I was hand drawing all of my christmas cards for my friends and family-there was no computers or handy printers.  They were very primitive and not very polished but many of my family still have some of my original christmas cards.  I have now been creating them for over 30 years!!!!! I originally sent my ideas to greeting card companies all over the country only to be shot down everytime. Not one got sold. I sent them again and again, finding as many card companies as possible.  They just didnt like them.  But I still kept on creating because I knew I still wanted to be a greeting card artist.  Now I create as many cards as I can and use my computer to help design and sell them. I have over 150 designs so far and climbing.  I have the 4 webstores to prove it:)  I get such a kick out of making them.  I paint with watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil or oil and combinations of those mediums and create my artwork for cards.  I sidetracked for many years doing other areas of art but have come full circle back to greeting cards.  It is such a wave of relief to know I was on the right track all along.  I am going to look for stores in Naples and around Florida to sell my work as well. 
Nantucket Antique store- pen and ink card blank inside
I usually do a series of cards-such as my 6 set of cards showcasing Naples Fl area attractions, or my set of Country Benches- as that way I get all my ideas for that subject(s) out at one time, then I move to the next subject. They range from pen and ink drawings that are representational to comical whimsical fun art.
Daddy's Home - Father's Day card

I am having way too much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Hi Lin - I was wondering - do you print your own greeting cards, or have them done? And if you have them printed, would you mind sharing where?? I would like to do the same, but my printer just isn't good enough, and I can't afford Staples or some of the other online printing services I've seen. Thank you kindly, from an admirer and aspiring artist! Jess

  2. Hi Jess
    To answer your question actually I do both. My Etsy store is a "hands on" store where I do everything (create, print,package,sell,ship) and they get a percentage of the sale and my zazzle store is a "print on demand" store,where they do everything and I get a percentage. Both have their benefits. My zazzle store can print as many cards as you would like from 1- infinity if needed. As the quantity purchased goes up the price goes down. You can set up a zazzle store yourself for free and sell your cards through your store ( zazzle handles everything and you get a percentage put in an account for you) Your can have a "private" store or a public store.
    On my Etsy store I print all of the cards myself with my HP officejet 8600 printer/scanner/fax. with particular papers for my needs.

    check back with my blog as I am finalizing an article on "how to maneuver through the zazzle site"

    hope this helped. don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.

    take care