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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Follow me as I build My Art Studio from an old construction trailer.

       My husband and I love to build and create.  I always wanted an outdoor studio especially for my art.  I've always shared my artspace with bedrooms, living rooms, spare rooms, basements and now lanais.  My art supplies usually get scattered all over the house. 

       Well, my husband suprised me one day last year and found a construction trailer a friend of ours was getting rid of and brought it home. 
He said " Here you go honey...your new studio!!"
Good job I can see past the facade and find the diamond in the rough!!!  That's me standing by my new studio and loving it.  I saw the possibilities as I checked the whole thing out. It needed just a little work to make it livable as a work area.......I thought!!

Well, when we got inside and started to take it apart we found woodrot everywhere.  We had to take off the siding and replace a lot of the sillplate around the trailer.  It was a delay we were not ready for but we replaced the wood and moved on .  I told him that I would like a couple of windows and french doors.  What a great idea he says, I have a friend who has a few windows and doors for sale.  Perfect!!!!
So we cut holes for windows and doors and added sheets of hardyboard to the outside for structure as well as texture.

 We added 2 windows in the front and 2 new ones on the side . we closed up a back window because it faced south and I chose to have north facing window for better light control. And we opened the existing doorway for the french doors. So far it has been a few months work as life and jobs are getting in the way.  but thats ok, we will perservere.

At the end of last season ( our seasons run november through may with none or not so much rain) this is where we had to stop as the rains came and we couldnt get out to do anymore. I painted the outside a bright yellow and I will have white trim.  I taped all the doors shut and all of the corners that needed edging and hoped for the best through the summer months. 

 It made it through the rough weather!!!!                                                                                     

This year I was able to get out in the winter months and add some trim to the windows and edges.   I cannot trim the doors yet as I need to reset the back door ( i could not find one small enough for the area needed) and the french doors are sagging due to the larger opening so we are going to make the right hand door stationary and only have the left door open.  It will still look like french doors and that is fine with me.

So this is where we are today.  If you notice I have some lattice work at the bottom to tidy it up and the windows are framed out.  The next thing we are going to do is add a metal roof.  My husband is amazing at creating something out of nothing, but dont tell him I said so...I dont want him to get a big head about it!! LOL  only kiddin honey:)

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