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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2nd installment on my Art Studio Trailer

Well I have been able to do some more work on my trailer and I am about 75% done.  Yeah...Im getting there.

So far my husband and I have put the metal roof on it.  we made the trusses to size by hand and cut all the metal sheets, actually we cut them with our plasma cutter we just got so we could practise with the cutter.  So cool!!!!. We decided on a metal roof for two reason, 1, it is a country look that I want and 2, it is the most resilient roof for florida's sun. We will eventually have the house roof reroofed in metal as the barn and chicken coop and now the studio are metal roofs.  It is already keeping the interior cooler than without it.

But... wow that was hot work!!!  Cudo's to roofers, It wouldn't be my idea of a fun dayjob!! 
converted construction trailer with metal roof

Next we we fitted the doors correctly as they needed to be shaved down to fit the opening, shimming and shaping til it was perfect.  All of our doors and windows are recycled, found at either recycle and/or demolishion companies.  We scoured the town to find exactly what we needed. The outside still needs to be caulked, and trim painted and the finishing touch...wooden stairs.   On the inside we have finished the ceiling - insulated it and then covered it in thin finished plywood sheets. Turned out very nice if I say so myself.  The rest of the inside work is:  finished the walls with plywood sheets, put in an window A/C unit, trim, caulk and paint ....and then I can move in. 

nearly there....Yahoo!!!



  1. If you wanted to get a little splurgy you could put a deck across the front for a level outdoor working area (or nice after work area).

  2. Yes, we plan on adding a deck. We just need the time and money to do it:) as the saying goes...when I have time I have no money, when I have money I have no time. but one day it will happen:)