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Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Puppy, New Store

Adoption Day.
      John and I adopted a Shih Tzu puppy and She, Wicket, has changed our lives.  She is the most precious fuzzy bundle of joy we have ever had.  We are gaga over her.

  Ist car ride
      She has already taken over the house and has expanded my direction in the arts.  She opened our eyes to the fact that you need so much "stuff" even for a pet.  I started carrying around a diaper bag for all of the things I needed while travelling around town.  As a result we have opened a 2nd store on Etsy.com called Puppytrainingcamp.etsy.com  where we will be selling all types of puppy paraphenalia , from puppy plaques, pet portraits, puppy bags by my mom to the training camp fence and other needed items designed by John.

It is such great fun to create all kinds of items to help puppies and moms and dads have an easier life. I of course love to create everything so I am having fun with plaques and cards and birth announcements and portraits.
If you find that you need something special, let me know because everything is customizable.
Having a lot of fun is contagious!!!!  Enjoy
and remember......
1st day home 2 months old

1st bath- She didnt like it.
1st haircut at 3.5 months old  boy She looks different.  Jazzy asked if I brought home the wrong dog
4 months old

Wicket loves to run around our 5 acres and chase the chickens

"Life has no heART without ART"

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