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Sunday, February 16, 2014

ART NEWS- Happy life Happy Wife

Creating is my main love.  It doesn't matter what I create as long as I'm creating.  At the moment I am creating a collection of inspirational signs in 2 different techniques:
decoupaged signs of my art with inspirational messages ...

                           Decoupaged signs

...and hand painted signs for all occasions.

handmade sign "Good Morning"
 I have been doing these for years and have decided to put them in my Etsy store for sale for all to enjoy.  Being able to jump from one art to another has always been easy for me and doesn't distract me in the least.  Some people cannot do this but I find I can't be creative any other way.

Handmade sign for Laundry room

 So I have come to the conclusion that I need to create this way to make my life complete and extremely happy.

Then on a whim one day, I'll wake up and decide to do a series of paintings....hmmmmm i do believe I see sunsets and seascapes in my mind as I do have a show coming up in Jan 2015 that I need to paint for.

so always Remember:
Life has no heART without ART"

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