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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well my life has taken a different turn than I had anticipated.  A good one though.  I am now an Organo Gold Coffee Distributor and loving it.  My art is still there as I do still take commissions. BUT I am creating a new business and hopefully a new life.  It is exciting to go to the meetings and meet new poeple who are also excited about their lives. This organization has changed many lives for the better.  But you have to remember you get back what you put in.

I am leaning towards the fundraising avenue that Organo Gold has available.  It is simple to use. And has the potential to be a huge success for any church, schoool, foundation etc. that uses it.

100% of the retail profits can be given to the organization or church that holds a fundraising event.  No other opportunity is out there that can do that.  Most fundraisers give back approx. 35%.  NOT US!!

The Purpose of the Organo Gold Fundraising Vehicle is to help generate funds for teams, groups, non-profit organizations, and any other cause you need money for

 How to Get Started
  1. Choose a Campaign Organizer
  2. Determine Your Financial Goals
  3. Date of Campaign
  4. Number of Participants
  5. Secure your OG Fundraising Forms
  6. Complete and Review the Non-Profit Free Sign-Up Form  (Place initial order)
  7. Promote Fundraiser
  8. Get Started!
  9. GTC-Get the Cash, Check or Credit Card !
email me at linsartwork01@gmail.com when you are ready to have a fun FUNDRAISING EVENT.

remember when OG is in you....You are in OG!!!!!!

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